Bhaktisudha – 24/7 Internet Radio Station is dedicated to Sanatan Dharma’s vast knowledge stored in Vedas, Upanishadas, Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwadgeet, Dnyaneshwari, Dasbodh & and many.
This internet radio station shall broadcast this knowledge in the various forms of Keertans, Pravachanas, Lectures (Vyakhyan), Talks, Series, chantings, devotional songs, Meditation Music etc.
“Bhaktisudha” 24/7 Internet Radio Station is an idea originated by Music Director, Producer & owner of Orion Studios, Pune (since 1997). This station is run from Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Listen to “Bhaktisudha” in Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit & enlighten your soul


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